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Popular Comic Book Characters Inspired From Real Life People

Popular Comic Book Characters Inspired From Real Life People

The story and the actual plot of the comic stories come from various sources. Comic writers come with individual characters of their stories based on the inspiration of real-life characters. You would have come across various comic stories with characters that were the inspiration of real-life heroes. Here you would know about the list of comic book characters inspired from real-life people

Inspirational Real-Life Characters

Comic stories are usually based on values, history, and culture. Story writers mostly include inspirational characters in their story so that they can motivate and create an impact on the readers. Story writers indeed come across many people in their lives who inspire them due to their acts and personal traits. The comic stories written based on real-life characters are dominant in conveying great messages.

Comic Book Characters Vs. Real-Life People

The following are some of the comic book characters that were formed from people of the real world.
Tony Stark:Tony Stark: Howard Hughes inspired this cartoon character. He is an inventor and an incredible man. Stan Lee created Tony stark keeping in mind, Howard Hughes.
John Constantine: Sting, a famous pop musician, was inspired by artist and thus created Jon Constantine. This character came into life when Alan Moore wanted to build a character which is young and depicted as a blue-collar mystic.
Tintin: Paul Huld, an adventurer boy, completed the challenge of traveling the world within 46 days without the use of airplanes. Herge, a Belgian Cartoonist, started to depict the adventurous journey pf this adventurer boy and name the character as Tintin.

Clark Kent: A silent film comedian Harold Llyod inspired this cartoon character. Clark Kent was characterized just like the famous actor who was nervous and timid in the films.
Bucky Barnes: Joe Simon created a cartoon character of the short kid. He was inspired by his school friend Bucky Pierson and named this little cartoon character as Bucky Barnes.
The above are some of the cartoon characters that were inspired by real-life people.

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