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Privacy Policy

www.beanbagcentral.com is glad that you have chosen our website. The entire team behind the website is committed to protecting your privacy in the virtual world. This Privacy policy page will explain how the information that you offer us is protected and used. We are devoted to mainlining your privacy and are bent on giving you maximum possible over your personal information.

Every single data or information provided to us is stored on the website using maximum security measure. We do not hand out your data or information to any other third parties. However, we request you to cautious when clicking on any of the advertisements on our website. Entering information on these websites is under your own risk. We do not take any responsibility for the manner in which websites will use your information, hence proceed with caution.

Some of the information collected by our website includes name, age, email, address, IP address, browser used, date and time of visit and so on. Most of this information is for our own records to improve our services further. Please be advised that any call placed to our customer care number will be recorded to be used for training purposes.

Like other websites, we also use cookies to collect information about the different visitors to our website. If you set the setting on your browser denying any cookies to be stored on your computer, we will be respectful of your wishes. The Privacy Policy can be changed any time and it is assumed that the visitor to the website has agreed to all the terms mentioned.