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Know About Everyone’s Beloved Spiderman

Know About Everyone’s Beloved Spiderman

Who is this Fantastic Superhero?

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created a fictional character called Spiderman. He first appeared in the Marvel Comic issue titled Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962). Spider-man was the superhero alter ego of the character Peter Parker- a high school student and an orphan. He lived in Queens, New York City with his Aunt May.

The rise of the hero
He was a timid, science geek who went to a science museum and turned into the ultimate superhero when a radioactive spider bit him on his wrist. In the early days of saving the world, he was once asked to help catch a burglar. But he refused to do so because he thought it was the duty of policemen to catch thieves. After returning home, he found out that his uncle Ben had been murdered by the same burglar he refused to catch. This broke his hardened heart, and he understood Uncle Ben’s famous quote, “With great power comes great responsibility.” From then onwards, he became a real superhero and engaged wholeheartedly in saving the world.

spidermanHe has Incredible Superpowers

He was a superhero because he had the fire in his heart to protect commoners. He was bullied and faced common problems that teenagers face during school days, but his best friend helped him during bad times. Harry Osborne- the only child of the owner of Osborne Company was Peter’s best friend. Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy were the two love interests of Peter Parker.

What makes him a superhero?
The strengths and superpowers included the ability to climb walls and throw webs etc. He also had superhuman agility and power with a mixture of strong dedication, kindness, and courage. Of all the superpowers he had, compassion was the greatest. It was his courage, which made him the greatest hero of all times. The story of Spiderman inspires people to be their authentic self.

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