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When you hear the word comic, the image that comes to mind is of a little girl or boy reading words written in bubbles. While the image is absolutely correct, it is not complete. The world of comics is so much more. It includes all genders, all ages, and people spanning the world. Yes, there was a time when comic books made a niche genre. That time was before Marvel and DC. The two movie universes have done wonders for comics and the wondrous characters they introduced to the world.

As Bean Bag Central, we consider ourselves supporters of both MU and DCU. When we say supporters, we mean a third pillar that promotes comics and the characters included in it. To achieve this noble goal, we provide information on:
• Best comic books of all time
• Greatest comic book characters
• Evolutions of comic books over the years
• Trends in comic books
• Tips on collecting comic books
• What comics to read next

Our font of knowledge is not limited to printed comic books; we have a special section where you can explore everything related to webcomics. Just some of the topics we cover under webcomics are:
• What are the latest webcomics?
• How to create a webcomic?
• How to publish a webcomic?
• Can one trademark a webcomic?

One can arguably say that if you want info on all-things-comic, Bean Bag Central is the place to go. For us, the platform is more than a place where we provide information. It is a space where we can have fun and explore the massive world of ingenious characters. We hope you find it similarly entertaining.
We say goodbye to you with one last request. Please don’t ever ask us who is the greatest superhero of all. That will start an endless debate!