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The Latest Comic Books Trend To Look Out

The Latest Comic Books Trend To Look Out

The medium of comics is gaining a lot of popularity after webcomics came into the picture. Due to it being self-publishing and cost-effective, many small publishers are reaching out to people who are avid readers. These readers are ready to explore options that are available outside of the mainstream media. The comic books business has taken off and here are a few trends that you should watch out for this year.

MFA programs: The year 2017 saw many big companies come out with their latest publications of graphic novels. The stories came not only from the stables of old warhorses, but newbies like Kristen Radtke whose debut novel Imagine Wanting Only became a roaring success. The book did not follow any traditional approach like cartoons, comics,etc and neither was a webcomic released. It is considered a result of networking in school programs.
The MFA programs are the place where the publishers look for the latest and the best-talented professionals. They look out for people who are skilled but polished, and their work has a professional style. This trend of publishers and agents who approach students from these programs who are graphic novelists but have no experience as a comic writer and hence you can see a change in the way the comics are written.

Marketing books: As per the stats available there is a difference in the books sold through booksellers which saw an increase and the direct sales which saw a decrease. This year will be no different if experts are to be believed and there is an expectation that this trend is going to continue. The sales in bookstores are doing great business as the younger generation of readers are interested in graphic novels which include a wide range of age groups from beginners to young adults. The bookstore sellers have found ways to market and attract young readers. The question that is not yet answered is whether the comics can survive and cater to the large but diverse readers, the marketing and distribution strategies of publishers. This year may be brought out the answers.

Exhibitions: Art exhibitions with comics as the center is not new and has been around for a long time now. The last few years have seen a rise in the museums showing interest as it appeals to the younger generation and the superheroes are mainstream and have a more extensive reach. A museum in Seattle will see a Marvel Silver age exhibition and is likely to make comic art more prestigious. It will also ensure that there is an increased market for the comic pages of yesteryears.

Clothes and comic books: There is a common thread running between the comic books and the runway. The clothes used in comics of previous versions were either their trademark cape when they were in action or wearing casual jeans and t-shirt. But not anymore, the young creators have infused fashion into the comic books, and that enabled comics to have a new and fresh look. It is now accepted that mainstream characters in comics are fashionable and are following the modern trends.

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