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Worst Comic Book Practices of the Nineties

Worst Comic Book Practices of the Nineties

Why were the Nineties a Terrible Time for Comics?

Many things that happened in the publication and sale of comic books in the 1990s were terrible, to put it mildly. These practices were followed by indie publishers and more prominent brands alike. Surprisingly, many fans and readers enjoyed them in the beginning before realizing the dumbness of the overall scheme of things. If you sit back and analyze those trends, then you will quickly understand how ridiculous they were.

Same story, different covers, varied prices
There was a period in the nineties when comic book publishers created the same issue of a comic with varying pages of cover. All the content inside the problem was the same, but different covers led to different pricing. And people were happy to purchase a highly-priced product simply because of a separate cover page. In hindsight, it was not smart on the part of the buyers in the comic book companies were able to make substantial profits without adding any creativity to the storylines or graphic design of the comics.

Comic BookGetting into The Specific Characters

The 1990s were also a time for undesired and uninteresting experimentation with the identity of the lovable superheroes. The concept of Red Superman and Blue Superman by DC initiated this senseless experimentation. In a way, DC depicted Superman with a multiple personality disorder where one of the versions was logical, while the others were full of madness in his approach to solving crimes.

Marvel Comics did the same to Spiderman, and the comics remained viable for a few issues, but readers found out the flaws very soon. The readership of Spiderman, as well as Superman comics, saw substantial deterioration during this era. The plots were devoid of innovation, and people and fans started distancing themselves. As a result, both Marvel and DC brought things back on track and ended these storylines.

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