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The Most Inspiring And Imaginative Webcomics You Should Read

The Most Inspiring And Imaginative Webcomics You Should Read

The evolution of internet has given rise to many possibilities, and one such is webcomics. Anyone who can think and write comics creatively can self-publish on websites is termed as Web Comics. There is a unique style attached to such comics which acts as a differentiator to the comics that are printed in newspapers. There is no shortage of choice of webcomics on the internet, and that makes it challenging to look for the best ones to read. Below is a list of some very exciting and imaginative webcomics that you should read.

Achewood: It is a Chris Onstad’s creation which was started way back in 2001. From the day of the launch to the latest version, the attention is on the myriad different stuffed toys, robots and pets and the story of their lives which is quite weird. The stories are quite unreal, and the story is complicated, but yet the work is simple. The English language used in these comics is impressive, and there are numerous archives that you should start.

Necropolis: This webcomic is an amalgamation of two stories, one of which is about a girl who gets more than she asked for from a godlike character and the other story is about a royal couple. Both these two stories are gelled together well to make for an exciting story. The Necropolis is an incredible story which keeps the readers glued to the story from the start till the end. The readers will want to read more of it after you complete one series. You can get the latest updates every Wednesday.

Mimon: The story is about a young girl named Ainsley who has a problem about haunted by a ghost. She asks for help from a witch called Hester who agrees with a lot of persuasions. The story revolves around the mysterious character of Hester who is not what she appears and that is how Mimon becomes an interesting story. This webcomic is a must read for people who like to read fantasy stories, and magical Hester does not disappoint.

The sad ghost club: The editors of this comic is Laura Jayne Cox and Lie Meddings and has a faithful fan following. It’s creators have declared that it is a webcomic for people who have felt lost or sad at any point in their lives. The comics show the issues that such people face and have to go through. The story is about a little ghost who is lonely and lost not knowing what to do, at the end each segment the reader will have a smile as they get to know that there are others out there facing the same problem as they are.

The Dreamer: This webcomic series started in 2007 and now has many communities created using that theme. It is the story of a teenage Bea Whaley, who has a dream that she is teleported back to the year 1776. But she later realizes that it is not a dream and that she goes back to that time when she is asleep. She is caught between the life she is living during the day and the living at the time of War in 1776. It is a detailed and well researched comic any history buff should read.

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