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Current Trend Of Comic Books With Mythological Stories

Current Trend Of Comic Books With Mythological Stories

Today publishers of comic books and other storybooks try to think out of the box. They have added a zing to the traditional storytelling with a modern twist. These current trend mythological characters would attract comic book fans and youngsters. Here you would understand the importance of comic contents with a modern twist and its influence in the publishing industry.

Views Of Comic Publishers

Jatin Varma, the owner of Comic-Con India, shares his journey in the comic industry. He feels that today, publishers have shifted from the traditional and historical storylines to contemporary content. The modern comic content focuses on the older audience. This comic con India every year gathers stakeholders by organizing conferences that talk about the contemporary trends of the comic industry. Today there is a popularity of webcomics and graphic novels. The founder of Holy Cow Entertainment Vivek Goel, have come up with a modern twist to the traditional mythological content in comic books. This is evident in his famous Ahori and Ravanayan series, which is a graphic novel.

comic bookIt is said that children and youngsters are attracted to these new comic contents.
Come up with mythological stories by changing its perspective with a non-stereotype twist to the content. This would be a significant driving factor for youngsters and teenagers to get hooked up on mythology related comic books.

Different Perspective Of Mythological Characters

Ravanan, who is the villain in Hindu mythology, has been depicted in a different perspective is some of the modern comic books. This modern twist to the famous storyline creates interest in the mythological characters and stories. The illustrations used would tempt the readers. The current comic story scape is made attractive with the use of brush strokes, vibrant colors, and 3D effect.
Thus the world of comics is not the same as it was in the past. But the current trend in comic stories can help to learn the good and evil from the mythological characters.

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