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Effectively Using Comics In Medical Education

Effectively Using Comics In Medical Education

Essential Use of Comics in Medical Education

Medical students, unlike other students, have a lot more information that they need to learn and retain in order to be ordained as doctors by the university conferring degrees. In some cases, overload of information can lead these young medical students to burn out quickly, making them unable to complete their medical degree successfully. This has led the medical community to look for other options to impart information to the students so that it is retained for longer periods of time. Till recent times, comics were regarded as a hobby. However, studies have shown that comic or graphic novels make it easier for medical students to express themselves freely and connect better with their patients.

In most comic courses within the medical programs, the students are expected to read through comics and other graphic novels which have medical themes. These book-length narratives published in the past couple of decades address different medical topics like dealing with cancer, the medical system, lifestyle diseases and so on. Another aspect of comic courses is teaching students to create their comics where they are taught simple skills like brainstorming ideas, drawing, and creative writing. The course often includes a final project where the students are expected to submit their complete medical novel based on the topic given. Some of the projects are so good that they are often turned into booklets and even posted online for the benefit of the entire medical community.

Impact of Educational Comics Among NEET Online Coaching Classes

Although many students are initially apprehensive about the comic course in the midst of their medical program, they become hands on very fast once they realize the different benefits offered by the same. In fact, some of the students who have gone on to do great things in the medical field often credit the comic course with their ability to converse better with younger patients about their illnesses. Since kids connect with web novels and comics better, it is an excellent way of teaching them how to be careful about their body and how to deal with the different pressures of their illness.

With medical students running on full steam in an effort to become successful full-fledged doctors before their program is over, the comic course gives them a chance to relax and de-stress as well. This has often proved to be a significant advantage for these future doctors. In fact, many NEET online coaching classes have taken on the initiative of introducing this teaching method to their pre-med students as well. According to the experts at projectnarrative.osu.edu/events/michael-green-comics-culture-medicine-and-med-students, it is imperative for students to find different ways to wind down in order to let their brains recuperate and get prepared for the next gruelling day.

Comic Book – Act as an Educational Tool

Although comics have become quite popular in today’s world, using them in the medical curriculum is a recent initiative. It helps students to read book-length comics as well as create their own using their own experiences and medical knowledge. With innovative teaching methods being used to impart knowledge to students, comic books have become one of the most exciting tools in recent years.

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