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Charlton Comic Characters Inspired In Watchmen Series

Charlton Comic Characters Inspired In Watchmen Series

Alan Moore came up with the characters of Charlton Comic in his popular Watchman miniseries. Moore indeed made use of classic heroes as an inspiration for his work. The Watchmen series was build based on the properties of the Charlton Comic characters.

Inspirational Characters

Most of the story writers came up with an idea inspired by others work. Alan Moore, a famous writer, was inspired by the characters of Charlton comic. Thus the Watchmen series was based on the comic characters from Charlton Comic.

Watchmen Characters Inspired From Charlton Comic

The following are some of the Watchmen characters inspired by the Charlton comic.
Nite Owl II: Dan Drieberg featured as the Nite Owl is one of the important watchmen characters. Blue Beetle of DC Comics-inspired this character. Dan, the mentor of Nite owl, assists in building his gadgets and makes him a compelling character. Nite Owl was based on Blue Beetle.
Charlton ComicMime And Marionette: Mime And Marionette is a deranged couple in the Watchmen series. They were dangerous and loyal and had a son. This pair character is an excellent addition to the series. This couple is modeled based on the Charlton characters Punch and Jewelee.
Nite Owl I: Watchmen series is based on the modern superhero mythology. Nite Owl I is the character of a superhero. This superhero character was based on the Blue Beetle character Dan Garrett.
Silk Spectre: Silk Spectre, daughter of Sally Jupiter who wanted her daughter to become a comedian just like her. Though Silk Spectre was interested in fighting crime, she wanted to please her mother. This female character is modeled based on the heroine of Nightshade of Charlton Comics.
Ozymandias: This character makes it clear that being active can never succeed in his/her job. It is essential to be intelligent to complete a task. Ozymandias personifies this idea very clearly in the Watchmen series. Peter canon Aka Thunderbolt inspires this character.

The above are some of the characters of the Watchmen series inspired by Charlton Comics.

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