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How to write a web comic?

How to write a web comic?

If you are working alone or teaming with an artist, you should be able to develop a professional script. It means you need to have certain standards for taking comic scripts on board. First, develop an outline.

Create an outline

First, you should concentrate on your script and you need an artist. Develop an outline for these two purposes. It should not be more than one page. It is recommended to do with your note-taking app or word processor. You should know the way the comic begins, it ends and showcases the change from Y to Z in the outline. You should have a clear idea about your story and what it is trying to tell. What is the main message of your story? What it discusses about? After you get a clear idea about these, you can think regarding your characters in depth. The story should be summarized in the form of an outline.

Thumbnailing and blocking

web comicsTo develop a script, you have to enlarge the outline. It is best to perform this by outlining page by page, blocking out what performs in each board, and certain key dialogue. It is recommended to utilize the grid, especially spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to perform this. By this way, you can mention the number of panels, page, and also a brief description. Thumbnailing is another alternative tactic. You can develop a small storyboard so as to visualize the completed comic. Splash pages and memorable images you wish to add can be drawn here in rough format.

Creating the script

If you are prepared to pen down the script, you have to know the outline. Some of the general scriptwriting tips are as follows:
Each panel should have approximately 35 words.
The character that is speaking should be positioned on the left.
There can be approximately 7 panels per page.

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