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What is the Future of Comics Market?

What is the Future of Comics Market?

Understand the Market Trends

Although the comics market seems to be transitional, will the downward trend persist or it’s going to enjoy an upward jack? This is difficult to predict. It all depends on many factors, such as retaining the periodical comics customers and gaining new ones. Most comics lovers are shifting to movies and shows rather than reading comic books. The innovative and creative power of publishers and that of the creators too will go a long way to sustain the comics readership.

Digitization is here to stay
Organizing events to promote comic books has become a relatively simple task with the arrival of digital methods. As a result, you can expect a substantial improvement in the quality of these gala events in the times to follow. Online sale of comics has already gained ground, and it will continue its path in the times to follow.

comicsSmall is Going to be Big Again

It must also be understood that smaller publishers creating independent and alternate comic books should gain popularity in the coming years. Such publishers were substantially famous in the early seventies, and they sold their publications in the semi-illegal environment of marijuana shops and other such establishments. When the government started taking strict actions and shutting down such establishments, the sale of these comics dropped. Legalization of marijuana has paved the way for smaller publishers to restart their work.

The downward slope must be managed
Many comics stores are approaching the task of breaking the doldrums in comics sales. The truth is that some comics stores and general bookstores like Secret Headquarters, Forbidden Planet, Phantom of the Attic, are targeting the Holiday Standouts. Many are seriously considering to up and double their efforts using the ‘direct market’ approach. Whichever way, the ultimate is to stem the comic market back to the level it was, if not higher.

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