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The Evolution of Comic Book Superheroes

The Evolution of Comic Book Superheroes

Understanding the History of Comics

The characterization and graphic style of comics have undergone monumental changes ever since they arrived on the scene. In the initial period, also known as the golden age of comics, the storylines were simple. The superheroes were flawless in every way. Their goal was to make the world a better place by fighting villains and defeating them in their pursuits. During this era, a lot of emphases was laid on the dialogue between characters. As a result, a substantial portion was occupied by words rather than images.

Things became monotonous
The golden age of comics was not going to last forever, mainly because of the simplicity with which everything was handled. There was going to be a time when people were going to get bored by the extreme goodness of the superheroes. At the same time, the artistic skills of the illustrators were not at par with the reputed cartoonists of that age. Hence, the graphic quality of comic books needed a lot of improvement.

Comic Books Undergo a Sea Change

Comic BookTo break the monotony and boredom that was created by Superhero comics, the writers quickly developed new and complex characters. At the same time, they experimented with storylines to make things even more enjoyable. Horror as a comic book genre started gaining popularity and people welcomed the change in the style and plot of comic books. It is famously said to be the silver age of comic books. Some of you might know that the Comics Code Authority or the CCA was set up during this era.

Superheroes with a twist
The bronze age of comics saw writers going back to superheroes while adding complexity to these characters. The new version of these characters was flawed with inherent goodness and desire to be of service to the rest of humanity.

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