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Some of The Strangest Comic Book Trends

Some of The Strangest Comic Book Trends

Strangeness is Not Alien to Comic Books

Whenever somebody talks about creativity in comic books, weirdness and strange features are among the aspects which require discussion. Yes, leading comics from DC and Marvel are intriguing as well as creative in all interpretations of these two words. The stories told by their comic books have been brilliant, and many movies have been made about the exploits of superheroes and supervillains created by these two reputed brands.

They never lack in variety
However, the variance in quality of comic books published by other creators is incredible. Some of them are top notch in terms of storytelling as well as graphic design. At the same time, there is no shortage of comic books which are just horrendous and terrible in every imaginable perspective. So, taking a look at the ridiculous trends that existed or continue to remain in practice is a worthwhile task.

Explore Some of The Weirdest Trends

Strangest Comic BookThere was a time when almost all comic books had an ape as a prominent or supporting character in the story line. Leading publishers such as DC and Marvel were the surprising trendsetters in this aspect. It was also a reflection of the likes and preferences of comic book readers in the 1950s and 1960s.

Sidekick to the superhero is an animal
Most comic book lovers are familiar with Phantom and his mountain wolf named Devil. You must also know that Phantom or Kit Walker was not the only superhero with an animal sidekick to help them on their attempts to demolish their arch enemies.

Japanese superheroes and villains
All leading comic book publishers have at least one lead character of Japanese origins. The villains in these comics series are also from Japan, and US comic book readers have welcomed their arrival with open arms and showered them all the love and appreciation they deserve.

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