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Practices Harming Comic Books

Practices Harming Comic Books

The decrease in Quality of Comics in Recent Times

The past few decades have witnessed an alarming reduction in the quality of comic books along with deterioration in readership. The fact that movies based on DC and Marvel comics are becoming multi-million projects with fantastic performances on box offices across the world is nothing short of a complete paradox. You might also be surprised to find out that in the recent era, indie comics are faring substantially better than the comics created by brands such as DC and Marvel. What are the reasons? Please continue reading to find out.

Substitution of artists

The biggest comic publication houses have built a legacy by the high-quality creativity of artists such as Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, among others. But the tragedy is that these days most of the continuations are created by people without the same panache as the artists of the era gone by. Their ability to create intriguing storylines with the sudden twists and turns is questionable. At the same time, the design of the graphics is not as attractive as it used to be in the past.

Movies Made on Comic Book Characters

Another significant reason behind the dwindling interest in comic book readerships is the advent of brilliantly made films on the comic book superheroes. When you get the complete package of brilliant cinematography, excellent acting and superb dialogues on the big-screen, you may not enjoy the comic books on which the stories of these movies are based. As a result, the readership and quality of comics have undergone a downward spiral.

Excessive editing
It is a well-accepted fact that the editors and publishers alike influence comic powerhouses. So, the individualistic creativity of the comic book writer gets lost in the editing and re-editing part of the process, and the quality comes down to a great extent.

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